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Property Divestitures

Companies with highly integrated IT systems could make divestitures very difficult. Often these companies have seamless information transfer, where applications are tied together through a unified network and single shared database. There are real challenges associated with carving out pieces of integrated shared services.

Hirst and Associates has a proven track record with property divestitures – Especially for clients who have highly sophisticated and heavily integrated IT systems. Our team of professionals ensures your property divestiture is done systematically.

We manage activities to make sure we protect the seller’s existing confidential data and intellectual assets. Simultaneously, our professionals help ensure we only supply the buyer with data, IT systems and content as defined in the sales agreement. Our professionals work closely with your IT system owners and shared services business owners to help attain alignment and ensure tasks with dependencies are properly managed and monitored.

Working closely with your resources, Hirst and Associates can help leverage your company in completing a successful divestiture.

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