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Internal Controls

Internal control is a major area in the governance of an organization. Using experience and known best practices, our team can help assess your internal controls and standard operating procedures to determine accuracy, completeness and compliance relevant to a casino environment.

The foundation of this review consists of assessing five interrelated components:

  1. Control environment – The way management assigns authority and responsibility and organizes its people. This is the foundation for all other components of internal control providing discipline and structure.
  2. Control activities (Policies and procedures) – These include activities such as approvals, authorizations, verifications, reconciliations, reviews of operating performance, security of assets, and segregation of duties.
  3. Communication and Information – Identify, capture, and communicate information to the right people to enable them to carry out their responsibilities without jeopardizing confidentiality. Information systems within the organization are key to this element of internal control.
  4. Risk assessment – Assess both internal and external risk.
  5. Monitoring – The internal control system must be monitored by management and others in the organization to ensure compliance.
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